What is the festival about?

Set to be Britain’s biggest specialist manufacturing event in , the GMF is a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to understand what’s coming next and how to sell into global markets. Its aim is to help SMEs to understand the supply chains for a broad range of high growth market sectors, how they might access them, and where to focus investments to gain future business.

Comprising a conference, two day exhibition and a manufacturing dinner with an anticipated 750 guests, the organisers expect the Festival to attract over 1,500 visitors this year.​

When is the festival?

Specific date in to be confirmed.

Who will be there?

Over 1,500 SME companies plus global powerhouse names including Siemens, Tata Steel, Boeing and Rolls Royce. You might be an SME, but that does not mean you cannot sell and do business with these companies. The GMF is here to help you achieve that.

What people have said

“It was my first chance to attend the GMF, and I was impressed with the quality of the delegates and exhibitors. There is no doubt that we will generate new business from enquiries raised on the day, and we too placed a significant order with a supplier who was also in attendance! All in all a great buzz about the place, and very professionally run and organised event.”

David Campbell, Iidea Limited

“GMF provided a superb networking forum, meeting customers and suppliers and raising the profile of us as a local manufacturing SME”

Alastair Morris, Pryor Marking Technology

“As well as meeting people from, for example Rolls-Royce or Siemens, just as important are the Tier 2 companies which fewer people have heard of but which are perfect for us smaller and mid-sized companies,”

William Beckett, CEO William Beckett Plastics and Beckett MIM.

“The festival provides SMEs with the opportunity to establish crucial connections in manufacturing supply chains across various sectors.”

Prof Keith Ridgway, University of Sheffield AMRC

“The GMF is an important piece in the jigsaw of creating awareness and networking our capabilities.”

Martin Filleul, Tinsley Bridge